Welcome to HHB Homes, Inc.

HHB Homes Inc is a general contracting company that specializes in high-end custom home building, additions, and remodeling services. We opened our doors in 1983 and actively boast over 100 years of experience with the understanding that your home is more than a shelter; it is a large-scale investment that provides comfort and safety to you and your family.

When building your dream home, you not only want the best, but you want the most experienced contractors on the job! HHB Homes INC is a full-service general contractor business with over 100 years of experience! We’ve been in business and thriving since 1983, offering unsurpassable services! With our extensive variety of services to offer, we have the knowledge, experience, and efficiency to complete any job. Our professionals specialize in architecture, custom new home builds, allowing our customers to customize their new build from start to finish. We additionally offer remodeling of current homes to keep you living somewhere you love! Specialists at HHB Homes INC are certified and extensively trained to perform any home renovations and property developments with a century of experience on their belts!

We currently service the following Washington Counties: Snohomish County, WA, Pierce County, WA, King County, WA, Thurston County, WA, Mason County, WA, and Island County, WA. If you are ready to start building your dream home with the best team to achieve your goal, please give us a call to start the wonderful process! If you can dream it, we can build it! We can be reached directly at (425) 823-6353 and would love to answer any and all of your questions regarding your new home build, renovations, remodeling, and general contract needs. We look forward to making your dreams a reality!

Custom Homes
Building & Design

Our specialists at HHB Homes INC perform a variety of full coverage services. We offer site development to ensure the perfect building site is picked out. Additionally, our professionals offer custom quality building designs to make any customers dream house built into a reality. Our professionals are licensed to do any permitting for structures of your new build, as well as scheduling. With our intensively trained specialists, anything you can dream of is possible! We provide heavy-duty inspections of all aspects of your new build as well as final walkthroughs to ensure your dream home is up to code, quality, efficiency, safety, and most importantly; your standards!

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Custom Remodeling
Home & Office

Additionally, our extensively trained professionals specialize in custom service remodeling of any home or office. While remodeling your home, our specialists are certified and experienced to do in-home remodels of kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and much more! We also conveniently offer office remodeling! A few of the services our professionals offer while remodeling your office are upgraded/custom designed layouts, new flooring, upgraded hardware, wiring and much more! To best serve our local clients and customers alike, we do ask that you take advantage of our complimentary consultations before beginning your custom remodeling project.

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Extended Services
Restorations & Development

HHB Homes INC is a full-service contractor and offers property restorations and developmental services. When performing property restorations, our vastly trained contracting specialists offer water restorations, fire restorations, and other elements of restoration to fortify that everything is working efficiently and up to code. Our professionals can assist with all site development services as well. If you are interested in learning more about our top-notch restoration and development services, please feel to reach out to one of our in-house restoration specialists at your earliest convenience by calling or submitting a Service Request Form!

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Your Dreams Of Tomorrow
Are The Building Blocks Of Today

Our highly trained and incredibly experienced specialists offer a substantial range of services! These services include but are certainly not limited to detailed custom home build designs, home and office custom designs, layouts, remodels, renovations, permitting, scheduling, walkthroughs, and much more! HHB Homes INC is full of immensely qualified service professionals who are able to perform each and every service when building or assisting with your home design needs. We provide routine inspections along with preventative maintenance measures to ensure that the quality and performance of your home is always optimum..

When you want your dream house built, but do not want to give up the art of customizing your newly built home yourself, give us a call! We allow our customers to personalize their new builds from start to finish with 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Love the home your in but want an upgrade or renovate some sections? Our incredibly experienced professionals can lend a helping hand! We will save you time, money, and headaches while allowing you to customize your new upgrades or renovations!

If you're ready to start building your dream home or start custom renovations on a home or office, please give us a call directly for scheduling service, questions or clarifications and capacities at (425) 823-6353. We look forward to assisting you with all of your custom home building, remodeling, and renovating needs! Our professionals are loaded with tremendous amounts of experience and look forward to speaking with you!

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